‘Shark Tank’ review: Cashmere Hair, Tipsy Elves, Lite-Netics, and the Hanukkah Tree Topper

The latest -On tonight’s episode of “Shark Tank,” we had what was (mostly) a holiday-themed hour. There were some great products that came up all across the holiday spectrum … and then there were hair extensions thrown in here almost for good measure. What, was there no interest in finding a fourth holiday product to be on the show? The sad thing for Cashmere Hair now is that we don’t think they’ll get the same rerun play as everyone else in this episode.

If you are new to the reviews here at CarterMatt, we’ve included links to all of the products’ websites below along with our take on them. Therefore, there’s no need to scramble and try to figure out where you can pick the products up if interested.

Lite-Netics – First of all, this guy looks absolute terrified to be there, and we really just had to withhold our temptation to yell “magnets b**ch” like Jesse Pinkman throughout the entire thing. This actually is an interesting idea in that nobody wants to sit around and have to untangle Christmas lights almost every year. With it only working in select homes that actually have the right sort of metal, this is a product that only has a small residential market.

We feel like he is doing the right thing here in trying to get the product sold to professional builders, but turning down the offers from the sharks is pretty ridiculous here. Daymond John wanted to take 40% of the company for over $100,000, but he would have licensed this off with this patent and easily made him exponentially greater money without all of the hard work. Sometimes when you have “patent products” like this, owners in the tank are too hesitant to let go of their baby. That happened here. No deal.

One Life Products (Hanukkah Tree Toppings) – This was a fun pitch, and we’ll at least given him that. But it is after that when we start to run into problems. Despite this being a product we’d actually be interested in, the market is just so tiny here as a whole. You have to have a interfaith family for one, and you also have to want to celebrate both holidays. Finally, it’s the sort of product you maybe buy two or three times in your life (only once if you’re careful with it). The fact that he got out of here with a deal from Daymond John ($50,000 for 35%, 20% more than he wanted to initially give away) is a Chritmukkah miracle in itself.

Cashmere Hair – We probably learned a little more about hair extensions here than we ever felt like we would in our entire lifetime. Basically, we feel like the product is strong for what they are trying to do, and there is a huge market out there for it. Personally, the price point ($400) is a little high, though you probably are paying for quality here more than anything else.

There really wasn’t anything wrong with the product. The only major issue was simply that there is nothing altogether proprietary about it, and it’s too big of a gamble to really invest in. No deal.

Tipsy Elves – Anytime you have a seasonal product, we worry. Christmas sweaters are also even more troublesome when you figure that people may only buy a new one every few years. We like the idea, especially since there aren’t that many places out there that you automatically think of when you hear the words “ugly Christmas sweater.” They’re ridiculous, funny, and hopefully not itchy.

Personally, we wouldn’t have invested since we really feel like the maximum business that is out there for this is around $3 million or so year, which may sound like a ton to us but not for billionaires with not a lot of time on their hands.

Would you pick up any of the products shown on this episode? Let us know below, and click here if you want to see some other highlights from this season.

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