‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 10 review: Katherine’s fall; a Damon / Elena shocker

Cast -As “The Vampire Diaries” came to a close for 2013 on Thursday night, there were just as many questions raised about the future as there were answers in the present.

But we must start with what to us is the primary relationship bullet point for the show: Elena and Damon are over … at least for now. Damon made the decision himself in one of the most horrible ways possible: Saying that he didn’t want her to have to spend all of her time defending him. Basically, it was the sort of “I’m choosing to get away from you to save you shtick” that is just awful. We understand that Elena would be furious over this, since Damon’s being a martyr for martyr’s sake just because of doing some bad things.

Now, let’s move on to another couple here in Katherine and Stefan. Nina Dobrev’s other character actually showed a vulnerable side as she admitted to Stefan that she was dying, and all she seemed to want was someone to earn her redemption with. That person was played by Paul Wesley. Unfortunately for Katherine, Stefan can’t just shake that the hook-up was a short-lived thing, and he still has feelings for Elena that he cannot get over.

But now, we turn to the other major bullet point: Just when it seems like Katherine may be ready to find a new way to live forever, there was that fall down the stairs. Is she really dead? We imagine that she would probably not go out like this if she really was gone, but who knows?

Elsewhere, there were also highlights for some of the new characters! Aaron went after Wes after learning who he really was, and that was after Stefan already did a number on him. Nobody really seemed to find their happy place in here at all, did they? Elena found out some shocking information about her dad, Damon had to reconcile being a bad guy, and Elena faces an uncertain future courtesy of an injection. This was the sort of episode that “Vampire Diaries” fans love, and while we still wish that there was more of some of the supporting cast, we do like that the two sides of Dobrev got their spotlight. Grade: B+.

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Photo: The CW

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