ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Another injury for Emily VanCamp to play

See Emily -Sunday night marks the end for “Revenge” season 3’s fall run, and it also serves as an opportunity to finally get an answer to one important question: Who shoots Emily Thorne after her wedding? Right now, some of the details are sketchy beyond the basics. We know that the event will occur after she and Daniel say “I do,” and they will be on a boat with most of the Grayson family. The other thing that we know? That this is not going to be a situation so simple as Emily just getting shot off of the boat by Victoria. This will be a situation that is far more complicated than that.

According to E! News, what is a little more surprising is hearing the following from showrunner Sunil Nayyar about how Emily VanCamp’s character could suffer something more beyond getting a couple of shots fired at her:

“So many more secrets are revealed in the course of the episode that the two shots to the gut are not the only injury Emily suffers.”

The real drama behind the word “injury” is that it can be so many different things. From one standpoint, it could be physical. Then again, from another standpoint it’s emotional. There are few things that really do get to Emily at this point, but what if some more people out there started to figure out just who she really is? That’s the sort of thing that could cause a problem, and certainly raise the stakes for the rest of the series.

One other thing that could definitely cause some more intrigue for the series? The news coming out now that with the move to the 10:00 p.m. timeslot, there will be even darker, juicier stories that they are able to do. Maybe this will be more along the lines of the show’s first season than one that aired immediately after “Once Upon a Time.”

We’re going to have even more scoop on “Revenge” in the coming days, but for now be sure to click here if you want to read some more news all about Patrick’s father joining the show.

Photo: ABC

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