‘True Blood’ season 7 spoilers: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer tease early storylines

What's up ahead? -Now that “The Sound of Music Live” is over, Stephen Moyer is getting the opportunity to focus on something very different: The upcoming season of “True Blood.” This is going to be a ten-episode block to try to close the story the right way, and that could in some ways be a challenge. After all, that’s ten episodes to wrap up over a dozen stories, and also make sure that there are still some shocking moments that happen all the while.

But for the time being, the only thing that the actors can speak out about is the groundwork. It’s with that in mind that Moyer had the following to say to E! News about just how much of the vampires-helping-humans story from last year we are going to see carry over:

“Bill and Sam got together and kind of came up with this idea that each human should have their own vampire protecting them, so that’s another theme that we will follow throughout the season.” 

Meanwhile, Moyer’s offscreen wife Anna Paquin teased that when it comes to another dangling thread, it won’t take too long for the show to specifically tackle the diseased vampires careening in the direction of  the Bon Temps community. Then again, we assume that there will be more coming beyond just the initial batch. Nothing in “True Blood” is ever really that easy. This is going to be a shocking, violent season, and there will likely be some more deaths that come along the way.

What do you think: Should the storyline for “True Blood” season 7 be focused on the diseased vampires, and who do you think will be together by the end of the show? Share your thoughts below! Also, click here to take a look at what could be a really cool story for Lafayette.

The new season of “True Blood” would premiere a little later this summer on HBO.

Photo: HBO

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