‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 12 preview: Is this one of Justin Chambers’ best scenes?

More news -While we have seen Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, and Patrick Dempsey receive their fair share of acclaim for some of the 200+ episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” that they have been a part of, it’s not much of an exaggeration to sit here and say that at times, Justin Chambers was the forgotten man. Maybe some of that is because he doesn’t always get the breakthrough emotional story, but he is certainly getting the opportunity to do one of them now with Alex’s estranged father back in the picture.

The way in which the scene below with James Remar is painted is almost perfect in recreating the sort of divide that there is between the two men. Alex walks in with a question about how this guy can seriously not remember someone who was a serious part of his life many decades ago, and this eventually turns into a blame game where Alex’s unstable mom is thrown under the bus, and he goes on to say that he “did everything he could.” Seriously?

In turn, Alex starts to become vocal, yelling angrily at the man who in his mind did next to nothing to actually raise him, save for a little memory here or there. Instead, he ended up becoming the dad to his siblings, and attempted to fulfill a void that they weren’t getting from anywhere else. This may be one of the best performances that Chambers has given on the show, and he at least deserves some sort of recognition for it. While a mention in a sneak peek article may not be enough, it’s at least a worthy start.

With this being the winter finale, hopefully this story with Alex and his dad at least reaches some sort of conclusion so that we can move forward from it. This is just one of many stories that is set to play out here, as the list also includes April working hard to make sure that her wedding goes off without a hitch. You can see some more of that in the sneak peek video here, and we’ll have our full review of the midseason finale up tonight.

Photo: ABC

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