‘Shahs of Sunset’ episodes 6 & 7 review: Reza reflects on Sasha issue

RezaBravo aired a special episode of “Shahs of Sunset” on Sunday night focusing on the fallout between Mike and Reza after the incident at club Nur involving a heated argument with Reza’s neighbor Sasha. We originally thought that a lot of the anger Reza had towards Sasha was that he was being disrespectful in Reza’s home (also that his boyfriend, Adam, had a cute Persian man in his condo), but we are learning that this situation goes a lot deeper then that.

Mike was so upset with Reza that he un-invited him to be part of the club Nur float in the gay pride parade. This was a really weird move for Mike considering that this isn’t his float and he’s not the king of the float to un-invite anyone. The entire “Shahs” gang was there for gay pride except for MJ and the only actual gay cast member in Reza. Later Asa sat down with Reza to try and get to the bottom of why he was feeling so angry towards Sasha and he revealed that Sasha wasn’t really the problem, it was his own inner struggles with being a young Persian gay man that grew up in an environment where “a secret life or suicide” were the only two options for him and seeing Sasha being able to express himself in a way that Reza couldn’t was difficult.

What we really loved seeing was a deeper look at Reza’s relationship with Adam and how he feels Adam makes him a more calm person. The one thing we were surprised to see Adam do was push the Sasha issue, but it’s clearly something that he wants to have cleared up and Reza admits that he was a “jerk” to Sasha.

After meeting with a therapist, Reza realizes that Sasha is dealing with his own brand of pain and insecurities and this is his way of expressing them. Reza immediately feels compassion and the anger he felt towards Sasha is washed away. Although we haven’t seen the end result between Reza and Sasha yet, we know it’s coming.

Outside of Reza we saw a fight erupt between GG and MJ at a bar. It was crazy to see how quickly Reza and Asa pulled the chute and ejected themselves from the fight, but when MJ tried to do the same thing GG wouldn’t let her walk away and started to get really nasty. Eventually Reza comes back to support MJ when he realizes that GG and her boyfriend Sean are outnumbering MJ… Asa on the other hand continues to hide out in the alleyway. MJ eventually apologies just to end the fight, but GG isn’t accepting it.

This season has had a nice balance between most of the cast members, but Lilly still doesn’t fit into this cast at all and really needs to be replaced with someone that is part of the group. Her big story this week was about a birthday party for her dog and it’s just not really that relevant to the major storylines going on. Episode grade: B+

Do you think Reza is making the right choice in apologizing to Sasha? Can MJ and GG ever repair their friendship? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: Bravo

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