‘Bates Motel’ season 2 video: The latest teaser is cool, creepy, and effective

What's next? -If you love “Bates Motel,” let’s start off here with what is going to be the bad news for you: This “famed” establishment is not going to be re-opening its doors on A&E until the spring of next year. While that may be a long wait to suffer through, why not enjoy the latest teaser promo from the network to make this a little less insufferable?

In this video (first posted by TVLine), you get what is basically a brilliant job of A&E’s marketing team of showing Norman’s carnage without even really showing Norman. The focus on Vera Farmiga isn’t much of a surprise at all, given the show’s insistence on selling her as the star more than Freddie Highmore these days. But the ever-expanding blood spot on the bed sheets is a perfect little parallel for the killer that is starting to awaken within Norman Bates. We were led pretty strongly to believe that the man from “Psycho” is now much closer upon us thanks to what happened in the season 1 finale, and we’ll get an opportunity soon enough to see the full extent of his damage.

While there are obvious concerns anytime a show enters a second season that there could be some sort of “sophomore slump”, the reason that we feel much less apprehensive about this show’s chances to fall into that rut are that you have a guy in Carlton Cuse on board who avoided it with “Lost,” and then add that they also a ten-episode order that won’t make the show feel rushed too much after having a longer span of time to develop and plot out some of the first season. That doubled with raised expectations are in our mind some of the primary reasons why you do not end up seeing some shows have a difficult time trying to match their previous success.

If you love “Bates Motel” and also Freddie (as we do here), we advise you to click here to cast your vote for him as the Breakout Star of this year.

Photo: A&E

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