Marvel’s ‘Agents of Shield’ episode 10 review: The Coulson cliffhanger

Agent's of ShieldWhen Marvel’s “Agents of Shield” was first announced we were the biggest cheerleaders for this series. It had everything our little geek heart desired: Marvel, super heroes and Joss Whedon… what could be better?

Then we started watching the show and after a few weeks in we couldn’t hide our disappointment. While they had a few cool stories of the week, the cast was just not connecting with one another and more then that we as viewers were not getting what we wanted most… character development and interaction. We just didn’t care about anyone! It was around week five that our opinion started to change and the tide started to turn for”Agents of Shield”. We saw Coulson’s connection with May, the close friendship (maybe romance?) between Fitz and Gemma and Skye digging deeper to find out about her parents.

Now that we are at the midseason finale we are enjoying the show, especially now that they had introduced the possible love triangle between May, Grant and Skye. There’s been a romantic connection since the start between Grant and Skye, but last week it was revealed that he has been secretly hooking up with May. Things are getting juicy!

On this week’s episode (which is also the fall midseason finale) we saw Coulson and May try to keep the truth about Skye’s parents from her, which lead to a mini-break down from Skye. It was also great to see Fitz show some jealousy when Gemma is measuring and flirting with Mike (remember him from the first episode?) who is built like a house. We are now officially Fitz and Gemma shippers.

Grant and May are still hiding their romance, and Coulson tells Grant that relationships within Shield only lead to trouble. As it turns out Coulson may have been right, because when they were out in the field together, Grant took a punch for May and she was none to pleased about it. Grant tries to say that he did it as a tactical move because she is faster on her feet and has nothing to do with any sort of feelings for her, and she buys it.

We were expecting a big cliffhanger at the end of the episode and it delivered. Our friends from centipede were back again and they not only shot Grant, but they also kidnapped Coulson. Why Coulson? They claim that they want information about his death… a mysterious death that Coulson has been teasing us with, but not really giving us much in the way of information.

Over all the midseason finale delivered when it came to action and character development, but what it really gave us was our very first moment of wanting to know what happens next. This is something that we haven’t felt once all season and it was a good feeling. Grade: B

Do you think Coulson is going to talk to Centipede or will the Shield team swoop in for the rescue? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of the midseason finale of “Agents of Shield”

Photo: ABC

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