NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5 spoilers: Why the premiere really is a ‘re-pilot’

The latest -When the first bit of footage from “Community” season 5 hit the internet, the one thing that was apparent right away was that there was change. Jeff Winger managed to go from graduating Greendale to becoming an attorney … just not a very successful one.

This is where the show picks up starting in the new season. Jeff is back at the school serving as a teacher, but for whatever reason, the rest of the famed study group (sans Pierce Hawthorne) is also there. So what’s the reasoning behind this? As the new video behind the scenes teases, it appears that the other members of the Greendale 7 actually re-enrolled for some reason. This means that Annie, Britta, Troy, and the rest could be enrolling in some sort of new classes. Just imagine how awkward it would be if they actually took one that Jeff himself was teaching? How many times did they really listen to him while he was working at the school? Well, we figure that somehow, they will listen to him even less the rest of the way.

It is around the fifth episode that this show is going to evolve yet again, at least in that we are going to see the exit of another memorable character in Donald Glover’s Troy. How will they replace him? Think along the lines of more Jonathan Banks in his new role, and also John Oliver coming back after spending the summer starring as the leading man on “The Daily Show.” This is more or less his bridge between Jon Stewart’s program and also his upcoming talk-based program on HBO.

What do you think about this video? Share below, and click here to watch the aforementioned trailer in full. “Community” will be back on the air starting on Thursday, January 2, and there are plenty of interesting stories on the way.

Photo: NBC

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