‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7 spoilers: Kurt Sutter on basic premise of Jax’s final chapter

Sons of Anarchy -Did you predict that Tara was going to die in the “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 finale? If so, we can hardly imagine that you are alone. There were probably many who predicted that Maggie Siff’s character was not going to make it through the last hour of the season alive, but did anyone see it happening in the way it did? This was the biggest catastrophe with forks since Donald Trump used one to eat New York Pizza, and it was gut-wrenching to watch just from the standpoint of getting rid of someone who we had grown attached to over the years.

But why kill off the Tara character now? As we said yesterday, it has been a plan by creator Kurt Sutter for some time to get rid of this original cast member of the show. As for why, the showrunner teased in the later half of “Anarchy Afterword” (which aired online on FX after the show wrapped) that the reason for her death relates heavily to the plan for the show’s seventh and final season:

“I have this arc in mind for Jax in the final season of the show … Tara was Jax’s true north, his moral compass. What happens when that is removed? That is what I want to see in this final season, Jax without that rudder.”

So can you describe this as “chaotic”? You better believe it. Jax no longer has anything or anyone to reign him in, and without Tara to protect, it’s also hard to believe that he is just going to take off and allow himself to go behind bars. This is a guy who is a fighter, and will likely continue to fight as he tries to save both himself and his family moving forward.

Also, Sutter’s wife and show star Katey Sagal surprisingly admitted during the special that despite her attempts, she cannot get him to spill anything in advance about the story. There is clearly a plan for this final season, but it is one that is being kept firmly under wraps for the time being. There’s still plenty of time left to tease what the remainder of the series will be.

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Photo: FX

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