‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ preview: Will Tina Wesson actually let her daughter Katie win?

She's back -While the past few weeks of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” have been great when it comes to the action going on at camp, the new episode on Wednesday night may be the first time in a while that we feel like there is just as much to be excited about when it comes to what is happening at Redemption Island.

There’s been no question that Laura Morett is on a tear. She’s yet to lose a single challenge, and if she can carry this current trajectory through until she makes it to close to the end, she will rival Ozzy as one of the best Redemption Island players ever. She’s taken down some physical guys, and she’s also kept someone around in Tina Wesson that she probably feels like she can beat.

But this is where it gets interesting tonight: With Katie Collins at Redemption Island thanks to drawing the white rock at the last tribal council, Tina may at least consider throwing the competition to keep her daughter in the game longer. Is this the right move? Personally, we don’t think so. Save for the one immunity that she won earlier this season, she has been a pretty poor challenge competitor, and her mom completely schooled her at the start of the season when it comes to puzzles. But still, there is the sort of protective gene that comes from having your kid in a game like this.

The one thing that the preview video below does do a good job of teasing is that for now, Laura seems to have a big lead, and Tina could come to the point where she needs to make this decision. The challenge is that classic “build a long stick and use it to get a set of keys,” and Tina already told her how to make a proper one to succeed in the challenge. Sure, she also said this aloud to Laura, but we know she doesn’t need the help.

If you were in Tina’s shoes tomorrow night, what would you do? Share some of your thoughts below, and also be sure to click here to see what’s going to be happening at camp during this episode.

Photo: CBS

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