‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 finale spoilers: One last tease from Jimmy Smits

The latest -For “Sons of Anarchy” fans, tonight marks the end of yet another wild ride. Season 6 will go down as one of the craziest 13-episode batches in the show’s history, and also one of the bloodiest. We lost notable characters, whether it be Lee Toric or even one of the original cast members in Ron Perlman, and we’ve also lost familiar places (see the clubhouse). To think, all of this could wrap up in a an episode that, when the dust settles, may be remembered best for one simple word: Family. Hey, it’s called “A Mother’s Work” for a reason.

But before we get to the episode itself, why not share a few more details from actor Jimmy Smits? In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, the actor behind Nero gives what is at least a pretty interesting teaser about how much fun it is to play chaos. However, there is a certain drawback to it when it comes to your job stability:

“Just because Kurt Sutter, the executive producer who’s in charge of the writer’s room — can I curse? — likes to blow s–t up. And I mean that in a lot of ways. Not just literally, although they do sometimes blow s–t up. All the characters are left off-kilter, which is a great thing to play as an actor. But there’s that moment where you’re like, ‘That bullet could have my guy’s name on it.’”

What makes Smits’ overall situation so interesting going into the finale is that unlike most of the rest of the cast, he’s not a series regular. If he’s since been promoted this season, it’s happened quietly. Therefore, his future on the show could be a question that dangles after the finale. If he lives, we personally feel like he will be back. This is one of the better jobs out there for an actor to have, even if Smits often fancies himself either a featured one-season guest star role (see “Dexter”).

If you want to read some more “Sons of Anarchy” news, the link you should bookmark tonight is here. We’re going to have all sorts of scoop to share, including our full review of the finale, and also some of the first details about season 7.

Photo: FX

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