‘The Sing-Off’ premiere review: We love the Filharmonic already … and we missed this show

The Sing-Off -It’s been over two years since we first had an opportunity to watch an episode of “The Sing-Off” … and boy, did we ever miss it. You may or may not have seen the show before tonight, but we really hope that above all else, you really took one thing from it: This is supposed to be a ton of fun. You have great singing, great performances, great judging, and just an all-around good time. There may be shows out there with better ratings, but there is seriously nothing that actually gives you a better quality of music from people you’ve never heard from.

There were some changes to the format tonight, including that there would be an “Ultimate Sing-Off” at the end of the show to determine who stays and who goes. The judges are also slightly more involved in mentoring, but we haven’t seen too much of that just yet.

Let’s start by saying that of the groups tonight, our personal favorites were the Filharmonic as well as Street Corner Serenade, who each got an opportunity to perform some very energetic, fun numbers. Also, we had the complete awesome hot mess that was the AcoUstiKats from Kentucky doing “Blurred Lines.” It was completely ridiculous, but that’s probably why we liked it.

Even the Ultimate Sing-Off was a great addition to the show. If the battle rounds on “The Voice” were this much fun, we would have no problem at all with seeing them on the show every season. But this was AWESOME. The Princeton Footnotes and VoicePlay (who were in the bottom two tonight by the judges) had to both sing “Bye Bye Bye,” and they acted like this was a real-life game of “Mortal Kombat.” The Footnotes lost, and they are the first group out of this competition.

But really, the winners here are us. This may not be a long season, but this show is a gift for us. Grade: A.

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Photo: NBC

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