‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 10 review: Are Jane and Lisbon working together again?

Green Thumb -There is some good and bad news about tonight’s new episode of “The Mentalist” season 6. On the positive side, we had an opportunity to see Patrick Jane reach the end of his “new beginning.” This is a guy who is as clever as clever can be, and thanks to that, he somehow got everything that he wanted despite being a wanted murderer that was very close to standing trial for some of what he did.

This episode was entitled “Green Thumb,” and we don’t want to spend too much time on the main story of it for one simple reason: It wasn’t that exciting. It was basically one of those classic “Mentalist” capers, where Patrick outsmarts everyone and creates a few twists. We do at least like that this story is going to presumably be a little more dramatic when it comes to the locations that it shows off. We’re really going to see a little bit of everything!

But what was most impressive was that Jane was able to really spin his way using Gale Bertram’s flash drive to get himself his demands, and keep out of prison for good. He ran a tight rope, but in the end Abbott and company realized that he was much too valuable an ally to have to make into an enemy. So Lisbon now has a job with him with the team, and for those of you hoping that the two gets together, there will be more of an opportunity to see their relationship develop. Who else loved Lisbon’s response to whether or not she’s ever been with Jane? Very interesting.

We enjoyed this episode mostly, but now we’re at the point where we wonder if there is anything great still to come for the show. Red John is over, and Jane and Lisbon are back together. We’re hoping that there is still a larger sort of grand story arc to come, but we know that CBS loves their procedurals. That is going to be the tricky trade-off in the months ahead. Grade: B-.

What did you think about tonight’s episode of “The Mentalist”? Are you glad to see that we’re closer to being back at where the series first began? Share your thoughts below! Also, click here to read some more news related to the show.

Photo: CBS

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