‘Sherlock’ season 3 spoilers: Martin Freeman talks John Watson’s new life

SherlockSherlock” lives, and in just a few weeks now (at least if you are a BBC viewer), you will have an opportunity to see how this revelation shakes and impacts the lives of those who know him best. The hit series will be back for British audiences on January 1, and January 19 for those in America. Either way, that is not too long of a wait.

While there are many characters who are going to be impacted by seeing Holmes in the flesh again, perhaps none will feel the impact more than John Watson. He’s his partner for one, and seeing Benedict Cumberbatch’s character alive again is going to have a pretty seismic shift on the way in which he lives his life.

Martin Freeman was at least kind enough to tease (per Entertainment Weekly) where we are going to see Watson at the time the new season picks up, which helps to provide some insight into what sort of distance he will need to travel (at least figuratively) to be back working with Sherlock again:

“He’s got his own life with a lovely woman who he lives with and works with, and he’s let that other part of his life fall by the wayside a little bit so when eventually, there is obviously a reunited moment, it’s going to have hilarious consequences.”

“Hilarious” is certainly a curious word to use here, but hearing that somehow makes us even more intrigued by what could be coming up around the bend. The potential is here for this to be the finest season yet, and the anticipation is definitely there. (That’s what happens when you wait for a full two years in between releasing seasons.) Expect some huge ratings, and a reminder that this is one of television’s finest shows.

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Photo: BBC

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