‘Sleepy Hollow’ spoilers: More answers coming about Abbie, Jenny’s blackout

The latest -Ever since the pilot for “Sleepy Hollow,” one of the biggest questions has revolved around what happened to Abbie and Jenny so many years ago when they saw the Moloch, only to black out moments later and remember nothing else about the encounter. It’s the linchpin for what led to Jenny being institutionalized, while her sister went down her own road that eventually led to her lucky break with the force.

While this is the sort of mystery that the writers could probably hold off on for a while if they have enough surprises to keep us satisfied until then, executive producer Alex Kurtzman seems interested in throwing us a bone. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he promises that not only will you receive more information soon about the Moloch incident, but also discover that this is really just the beginning of something much bigger:

“One of the big things we’re going to start tackling is what they don’t remember about what happened to them in the forest that day. They only remember seeing Moloch and then they blacked out and woke up by the side of the road and then don’t remember what happened. So the mystery of what happened to them is something we’re going to play out. And that may provide us with some answers for some of the bigger threats that are coming.”

To us, getting back to that moment is imperative, given that one critique that we have heard as of late is that the show has started to become a little complicated. Anytime that you can return to one of the earliest mysteries of the pilot is a good thing, especially if you can use it as a launching pad for other stories.

The fall finale for “Sleepy Hollow” airs Monday night, but we’re going to have more scoop on the show throughout the hiatus. Also, be sure to click here if you want to vote for the show as the best new program of the year.

Photo: Fox

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