MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3 spoilers: A brief look ahead to season 4

The latest -Have you enjoyed the third season of MTV’s “Awkward“? If so, we imagine that there may be a somewhat-awkward feeling that comes along with the realization that there really is not that much left of the show until this season is over.

The good news here? We already know that there will be a season 4, and it will take us through all sorts of interesting little wrinkles as we start to get to know the Jenna Hamilton character much better (if that is possible, after pretty much bearing witness to the greatest meltdown of all time this year). We are also going to get an opportunity to meet some new faces, including someone who could either be a friend or a rival to Jenna and her friends early on.

According to TVLine, the show is already in the process of casting the role of Eva for some sort of important role in the fourth season. She’s described as being extremely confident, pretty sophisticated, and also attractive. In theory, this doesn’t really sound like someone who is going to be a Jenna BFF. She sounds better suited as someone who will anger Tamara, or get Sadie extremely angry or jealous.

Right now, this Eva role is set to supposedly recur throughout the fourth season, which means that this character could be in a pretty big chunk of the story, even on the same sort of level as Collin has been this year. This guy has seemingly disappeared off of the face of the earth since Jenna decided that she was going to move away from his influence and get back to being the person that she wants, which is still surprising given that the two have writing class together. This is not a problem that she is going to be able to shake that easily.

The “Awkward” season 3 finale airs a week from Tuesday on MTV. Want to read more now? Then just click here, where you can get our take on the last new episode to air.

Photo: MTV

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