‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2: A journey of discovery for Kristin Kreuk’s Cat

The latest -While “Beauty and the Beast” has done a number of things right, it has suffered as of late from a pretty gaping problem: For whatever reason, Cat seems to be completely fixated on Vincent, and it’s frustrating to see her not move on with her life given some of the things that he has done to her. He’s already shown that he cannot keep that beast part of him in check when it matters.

We said in our Midseason Report Card for the show that this needed to change and the good news coming out now is that it seemingly will. According to a report from TVLine, you are going to get the chance to see Kristin Kreuk’s character really try to the best of her ability to move forward and focus on someone else more important that even Vincent: Herself. She’s going to find some new hobbies to get herself into, and one of them will be cooking. But what happens when there are some sparks between her and a cooking class instructor? Well, there’s your Vincent alternative.

Of course, we are just as confident that Cat and Vincent being together at the end of the day as we are our own ability to bake a souffle on the first try without and problems. But, in order to have that story really mean something, you do have to watch the characters go through a few bumps in the road here and there. Not only that, but at least a few of them have to be tied together in some way to Cat; it can’t just be Vincent kissing other people all of the time.

“Beauty and the Beast” returns to The CW on Monday, January 13; while that may feel like a very long time to wait (probably because it is), don’t worry: We’re going to have much more in the way of scoop over the coming weeks.

Photo: The CW

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