‘The Bachelor Canada’ season 2 now casting leading man, possible bachelorettes

The Bachelor Canada -Remember “The Bachelor Canada“? It’s been over a year now since Brad Smith’s debut season first premiered on Canadian network City, but the show is now starting up the process for what will be its second season airing in 2014. Not only is the show currently casting young women to try and date the man at the center of the show, but they are also looking for that said man, as well.

In theory, the show seems to be venturing somewhat down a route that the American version of the show did the first few years, in casting someone who really did not have any connection to any other season. In some ways, this worked in that it gave you an opportunity to find a guy who for sure had a great personality and would be interesting to the women. On the flip side, the disadvantage to doing things this way and not alternating between a season of this and “The Bachelorette” is that you lose a little bit of that built-in knowledge that you would have a character. Also, you want to make sure that the person you cast in the lead is relatable, and not someone who is just looking for fame. Farming from your own show serves as a nice test for that.

So how do you apply for season 2? The process is pretty simple in that you first head to Facebook, and then get to work on the application. We don’t really know why they want you to “Like” them in order to apply, mostly because it sort of gives away who is interested and who is not. But, this is probably going to be the least concern for you if you really want to get on TV. What you’ll be most surprised at is how rigorous this process is, especially when you are dealing with a show about love that is all about gauging interests, and making sure you’re not putting someone on TV who is in some way psychotic.

If there is one piece of general advice we can give to anyone wanting to apply, it is to be very specific and also very honest. Obviously you want to accent your best qualities, but make sure you tell some stories that producers of a “Bachelor” sort of show would want to hear about your life. They may cast a villain or two a season, but they are mostly looking more for just real people who want to really be in love with someone.

Good luck, and we’ll have more on “The Bachelor Canada” as news comes out. Meanwhile, click here if you are curious in reading some more news about the American version of the show.

Photo: City

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