‘The Amazing Race 23’ finale rankings: Are Tim & Marie, Jason & Amy the favorites?

What's wrong? -We are only two days away from “The Amazing Race 23” finale airing on CBS, and it’s time now that we try to answer the all-important question: Who is the most likely team to win the competition? Each one of the remaining pairs has their pluses and minuses, but we do believe that one team has the speed, the travel skills, and also apparently the makeup abilities to cross the finish line and win the grand prize. We’re not going to beat around the bush too much here; instead, let’s just get to the rankings!

4. Leo & Jamal – The Afghanimals have alternated between being great fun and a major annoyance all season, but we’re thrilled that they have made it this far. Not only have they been great at stirring the pot, but they’ve helped to expose the flaws of some of the other teams. We’d have them ranked higher were it not for that Speed Bump. With there being a likely equalizer coming in terms of a flight, they’re going to have to rely on one of three good teams either messing up on a cab, or in a challenge.

3. Tim & Marie – The most outspoken person of the season is Marie, and this team is at the top of our All-Star Wish List. But, these two are way too volatile to really be considered favorites. They have won legs before, but they also have a tendency to get lost on their way to tasks.

2. Travis & Nicole – Early this season, we really liked these two; but since then they have become rather self-righteous and at times uncomfortable to watch. We wonder if Travis’ presence and constant expectations could make his wife suffer a breakdown, but if they can avoid that, they have everything within them to win.

1. Jason & Amy – These two aren’t as boring as we originally found them, and while they would be the most predictable winner, they have been the most consistent team. Have they only won a single leg? Sure, but they really don’t fight, and the two have a very different set of advantages and disadvantages that make them capable of tackling almost any task. They are the only one of these teams that we feel the odds are low that they will be their own worst enemy; instead, they just have to worry about the little things, like cabs or being too nice to others in the race.

Who do you think will win the finale on “The Amazing Race”? Vote in the poll below! Also, come back tomorrow for a video preview of Sunday’s two-hour spectacular.

Photo: CBS


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