‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 11 video: The briefing on Brody

Take a look -Is Nicholas Brody going to succeed in his mission on “Homeland” season 3? He will at least be continuing to go along with the plan, despite a few moves here and there to suggest that he has his own agenda to save his hide in Iran.

In the preview video below, you can see Saul Berenson present the latest progress report to the team on what is happening, and how the plan is for Brody to eliminate the target. We have to say that based on the way this plan comes across to us, it’s really not looking too good for Brody to survive. Basically, Saul is talking here in a way that suggests that he expects Damian Lewis’ character to execute the plan after the target makes contact with him, which hardly suggests a secure location. Even though there are at least attempts being made here at an extraction, is it something that the CIA is really going to be committed to?

Here’s one way to think about the Brody problem right now: Even if he completes this mission, it would not be a surprise if the agency suddenly felt that keeping him alive was more trouble than it was ultimately worth. It could be easier to just dispatch Brody, let his legacy be turned around in this moment, and be in a situation where they do not have to rely on him again. They already know him to be unpredictable enough that he cannot ever be trusted to be a serious agent, and one of the reasons why he is so effective here is mostly because of his past perception. If he suddenly makes a move against those in power in Iran, that will change … as will his usefulness to Saul and company.

Do you think that Saul really wants to see Brody come out of this alive? Share some of your theories on the subject below! Also, click here if you are curious in reading our full review of this past “Homeland” season 3 episode.

Photo: Showtime

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