‘Teen Wolf’ season 3B spoilers: Tyler Posey teases surprises for Scott, Derek

What's next? -Back when the summer finale for “Teen Wolf” season 3 aired, the January 6, 2014 return date seemed fairly far away, but now it’s less then a month away! The MTV series is getting ready to dive back into the story of Scott and the rest of the Beacon Hills crew, and we have a few more details coming in now courtesy of one of the relationships that is going to have evolved in the time since we last saw some of the characters.

According to a new report from E! News, we are going to be seeing the character of Derek in a pretty interesting place when the show picks up … mostly in regards to who he has been spending some of his time with. Meanwhile, the bond between him and Scott will also have changed to a certain degree. As star Tyler Posey told the website, this bond is going to actually be his “favorite relationship” of the episodes ahead. (Personally, we think it’s rather nice for a focus to be on a relationship that is not a romance for a change.) The two will have more of a brotherly bond, with Derek serving as the mentor in some ways.

These two may need to be closer thanks to some of the mysterious threats that are coming. If you thought that things were bad with Deucalion, it’s going to start spiraling here courtesy of some familiar faces as well as some new ones that will be turning up. All of this will probably end up raising the question that is on our mind constantly when thinking about this show: Why on earth do some of these people stay in Beacon Hills? It seems to be the sort of place that, so long as you continue to stay there, trouble and/or death is going to find you and kick your butt up and down the street.

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Photo: MTV

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