‘The Following’ season 2 spoilers: Doe Joe really want Ryan dead? James Purefoy says…

New scoop! -Following the NFL Championship Game next month (which we realize is hardly the most fluid start time ever), “The Following” will return on Fox with what could be a heck of an exciting second season. There is going to be a change for Ryan Hardy right from the start of the story, and much of it is going to be thanks to one key thought in his brain: He believes that Joe Carroll is dead, and for the first time in practically forever, he has an opportunity to go about his life with some sort of peace.

But is this really going to be the case? Hardly. Joe is still alive, and while his role may not be that clear in the story immediately moving forward, we do know that his presence means bad news. But, that doesn’t mean that Joe necessarily wants to see Ryan dead.

As James Purefoy explains to TV Guide, his villain has a sort of desire that almost reminds us of The Joker and Batman in that he really believes that he and Ryan are destined to try and go at each other time and time again, with him continuing to watch Kevin Bacon’s character suffer at every step:

“There’s a certain amount of a reset. We’ll see [Joe]  in a different place … and being a lot more introspective about his life and who he is … [Joe’s] goal was never really to take down Ryan… because killing him is just too easy and too nice. [He wants to] take a crochet hook into the belly of Ryan Hardy and just tug on his intestines … for the rest of Ryan’s life. Just slow, painful, torture. I don’t think that’ll ever change.”

What could change for Joe is the way in which he goes about getting to Ryan. He now realizes that many of his conventional methods may not work, so he needs to change the game and have him believe that he is really dead. That could be the only way to catch him off-guard, and turn this into a very different sort of cat-and-mouse game.

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