‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 10 review: Did Leonard ruin Howard’s discovery?

The latest -The Big Bang Theory” had one theme to it Thursday night, and that is characters showing up one another in some shape or form.

When it comes to the Leonard and Sheldon story, the big news was finding out the truth about Sheldon’s paper being disproven. Just when he was starting to get used to having the spotlight and all of the attention on him, Leonard informs him that he has made a big “discovery” that will help to get him away from all of that “unwanted” attention. But what happens when that unwanted attention becomes wanted attention? That is what Sheldon seemingly realized in a chat with Wil Wheaton.

This was a nice episode for guest stars, as Sheldon was also taunted in here by Barry Kripke, who returned mostly to trash him about having to retract his paper. Some of this was funny, but mostly, it was all a revelation that this may be one of the lowest moments that we have seen from Jim Parsons’ character since the show began.

As for Howard and Bernadette, they had to learn that somehow, it was better for them to not be loved and encouraged, mostly because it made the two of them feel a million times worse about their own relationships. Raj as a houseguest seems great in theory, but this to us was the funniest part of the whole episode since it shows time and time again why he never wins. This is a guy who just cares too much! He’s going to have a hard time finding that perfect person if he continues to be this way, but it doesn’t seem like there will be any changing the guy right now.

All in all, this was a nice return for the show following a disappointing Thanksgiving outing. It wasn’t the funniest thing that we’ve ever seen the show do, but there were some laughs, and a nice representation of the science community via “Science Friday.” Grade: B.

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Photo: CBS

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