ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 9 preview: Kerry Washington’s Olivia gets some advice

Take a look -What does someone traditionally prepared for every situation do when they are feeling suddenly unprepared? Apparently, they call up one of the few people out there more well-versed in dealing with paranoia than even her.

In the sneak peek below from tonight’s “Scandal” season 3 episode, you see a very desperate Olivia Pope try to figure out just what she should be doing when it comes to her mother Maya Lewis suddenly showing up at her door. It’s a reason to panic and be emotional at the same time, and so she calls up someone who may know better than anyone how to handle anything related to her mother: Huck. The first thing that he tells her to do is to hang up her phone and ensure that there is no way at all that she can be tracked. If there is anything that Huck knows, it is that people could be watching and/or listening to what she has to say at almost any turn. Therefore, he is the guardian angel of sorts to ensure that Eli and company don’t find her.

This video is almost a prequel to the one that we shared yesterday, which features both Huck and Jake angrily questioning Maya at the Gladiator home base. It may seem harsh, but they understand better than anyone how important it is to ensure that they are free from Eli’s wrath. Nobody just so happens to “escape” from him, and they are right to be suspicious. But, we still believe that when the situation calms a little bit, they will start to figure out that Maya is not some sort of malcontent out to ruin them. She’s just as scared as anyone, but is making a critical mistake in showing up to some of the places that Eli and his people will check. She needs to be moved to a secure location, and then everyone on Olivia’s team needs to make certain that they are all pretty good liars.

Be sure to come back tonight, since that’s when we will have a review of this sure-to-be-intense episode, even if it does have a name in “YOLO” that literally makes our skin crawl.

Photo: ABC

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