‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 11 preview: The breakdown of Chandra Wilson’s Bailey

What's next? -After watching the sneak peek video below from Thursday night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, we’re starting to understand a little bit better as to why Dr. Bailey is having so much of a mental breakdown. What’s happening to her in this promo is pretty intense! It’s the sort of thing that you would expect a doctor to be able to handle, but it’s still so stressful that you could expect things to take a left turn into some pretty awful territory.

Basically, Bailey is being put through the wringer where she is forced to demonstrate her ability to perform sutures, and just one wrong move means that she has to go back to the beginning and try again. It’s almost like performing a real-life version of one of those silly mazes with the holes in them, and if the ball you are using to navigate through falls or if you just flinch for a second, you end up having to go back to the beginning. The major difference is that there are actual stakes here.

There are still some parts of Bailey’s personality that we don’t completely understand, with the primary one being her own inability to see Ben as trying to do something nice by wanting to be with her. She wants him to be driven and that is admirable, but she may need to come around that he also wants to be driven in a way that doesn’t distance himself from her forever. Meanwhile, there is the other element of this stemming from her trying to get over that super-scary / awful situation from the end of last season. How do you really recover from that? It cannot be easy.

What do you think about this “Grey’s Anatomy” preview? Share your thoughts below, and also click here if you’re curious to see another sneak peek that is more centered around Alex, Jo, and a surprising guest star coming back onto the show.

Photo: ABC

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