ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 9 preview: Olivia’s mother is interrogated (again)

Take a look -Just if you think that life for Maya Lewis on “Scandal” season 3 was going to start to become a little bit easier for her now that she was free of the clutches of that pretty horrible man by the name of Eli, here is some pretty bad news coming your way: You thought wrong. Instead, at least part of the new episode “YOLO” is going to focus almost exclusively on what happens when some members of Olivia’s Gladiator team are going to think about there suddenly being a new woman in their midst with an interesting story to tell.

The one thing that is very clear upon watching this is that Huck and Jake don’t buy the story that she is selling for a second about managing to escape from Eli … mostly because it’s something that really doesn’t happen. If he had a mustache to actually twirl, he would be the closest thing that this show has to a mustache-twirling supervillain. Plus, these two have been around the man long enough to clearly know a little bit all about just what he is capable of … and it’s not good.

But what’s curious is that while this entire ordeal is going down, you don’t have Olivia really standing beside her mother and supporting her. Instead, she is on her own, watching in complete silence. There are two very easy explanations for this in that she is completely shocked to see her mother in the first place, or she doesn’t want to say anything in fear that some of her own personal feelings on the matter could end up actually jeopardizing her ability to properly read the situation.

What’s your take on this “Scandal” promo? Share some of your thoughts below, and click here if you want to read some more details on another interesting question pertaining to the show: Who in the second part of this season is going to be getting a love interest?

Photo: ABC

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