‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 10 preview: Leonard tries to ‘save’ Sheldon

Here it is -Is Leonard officially Sheldon’s knight in shining armor? Hardly, but he at least for a few minutes liked to think so. On Thursday night’s new episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” Johnny Galecki’s character is going to believe that he has made some sort of great revelation for not only the science community, but also his roommate: He will have proven false the element that Sheldon discovered my mistake a few episodes ago.

Based on the reactions that this resident genius had when he learned the circumstances resulting in his discovery, you would think that he would get a trademark “hearty handshake” and a hot beverage of his choice after doing something like this. On the contrary. Instead, what Sheldon did was completely ream him out, accusing him of taking away the biggest achievement of his life. While he apparently hated the publicity that came with his discovery, along with the way in which it happened in the first place, he liked the idea of being a pioneer in the field that he put up with it.

Now, Sheldon is going to look a little more like an idiot to most of the world, and he will have to go about coming up with another grand creation during his lifetime. The great news for him here is that it is firmly within his capabilities to do so. He’s a supremely-intelligent guy, and he works so much that he could easily discover something else. We think that it’ll happen for him at some point by the end of the series, but you can’t have him be so successful that he starts making a ton of money. How else would you justify keeping him in that apartment with a roommate?

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Photo: CBS

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