‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Who from ‘The Originals’ is playing Rapunzel?

What's next? -If you look at all of the various castings related to “Once Upon a Time,” there is a pretty common bond to most of them. What is it? The vast majority of the characters are not exactly identical to their original fairy-tale counterparts. You have a Snow White who was once a fierce warrior and at times a thief, an Evil Queen that was at one point just an innocent young woman in love with a stable boy, and also a man in Rumpelstiltskin who doubles as the Beast.

So with all of this in mind, seeing an actress play Rapunzel who is not the prototypical blonde woman is really rather appreciated. According to TVLine, Alexandra Metz, fresh off of a two-episode stint as Katie on “The Originals,” will be heading up to Vancouver / Storybrooke for at least one episode as the famed princess with the extremely long hair.

While the fact that she is an African-American actress really should not be blown up into a big deal, the internet has for whatever reason decided to make it one. What we will say is that we personally love the casting, since it allows for a very different sort of take on the classic character. Not only that, but we like that there is a more diverse group of princesses out there rather than what existed out in the world of Disney beforehand. The only other minority princess in Jasmine (from “Aladdin”) has yet to appear on the show at all, though Jafar is featured on the spin-off “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.”

Metz will appear in at least one episode (specifically the 14th of the season, and could make a variety of appearances from here the rest of the way. We would be shocked if she was a one-and-done character, mostly because this is not what the show has been since the first season.

What do you think about Metz’s casting, and are you thrilled to suddenly seeing Rapunzel letting down her hair (at least figuratively) on the show? Share below, and click here to see some more details on Sunday’s all-new episode.

Photo: ABC

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