‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 3, episode 5 review: Reza, Adam and neighbor boy problems

Reza and Adam have some things to work out -This week’s episode of “Shah’s of Sunset” season 3 really had a lot of nice moments between cast members and their families. We loved seeing MJ and her mother Vita golfing and getting along after watching the worst of their relationship play out on TV over the past few seasons. It was also great to see Asa bring her mom and dad to her Diamond Water plant and see how proud they are of her work, however if you thought that this episode is going to be all champagne, Chanel purses and gold then you really haven’t been paying attention this season.

One of the weirdest moments of the episode (and really the whole season) was watching Reza’s boyfriend Adam invite over the Iranian neighbor boy named Sasha (who is also gay) to their condo before Reza got home. There’s obviously trust in their relationship, but this move was a little strange and we weren’t sure what Adam’s motivation was to bring him into their home. When Reza got home, things got strained as the neighbor boy started to cross the line with Reza, calling him “ignorant” about his country. Reza quickly defends his position saying that while they may both have Iranian backgrounds they are from very different generations and really don’t have anything in common. As the fight between them escalates Reza used a term that many find insulting to describe Sasha and he called Reza “fat” which resulted in Reza throwing Sasha out of their condo.

When Reza leaves the room, Adam makes the decision to apologize for Reza’s behavior. Really Adam? Reza was clearly uncomfortable with the man you brought into your home and then Sasha calls Reza fat and you’re going to make apologies for Reza’s behavior only? We love Adam, but this is where we felt he should’ve stepped up and told this guy to get out. Eventually Adam walked Sasha to the door (after Reza prompted the situation again), but not before telling Sasha that he will talk with him again later.

If you thought that this is where the drama was going to end with Reza, Adam and the cute neighbor boy… think again. Later Mike brings the whole gang to a middle eastern gay club for a night out on the town, but Reza isn’t feeling the club, and is immediately put in a bad mood. Not only that but who else ends up being there? Sasha the neighbor boy!

MJ tries to get to the bottom of what happened between Reza and Sasha at the condo, but as things quickly escalate Mike gets involved, Adam looks like he wants to hide under the table, Sasha’s brother is ready to step in… and the Reza outs Sasha’s brother as gay, which is something that his brother didn’t want to happen (and no one should really ever do to someone). As things go from bad to worse, Reza calls Sasha a word that is typically seen as offensive to the gay community and Mike tries to get Reza under control, but instead he decides to leave the club.

This was a very heated episode, but one that we were completely invested in since we haven’t seen nearly enough of Reza this season. There was clearly more to Reza’s outburst then Sasha calling him fat and as the preview for next week shows, we see Reza dealing with some feelings from his past that were brought out from the meeting with Sasha. Grade: A

Do you think that Reza was in the wrong when it comes to the argument with Sasha, or did Adam make a mistake bringing Sasha home in the first place? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: Bravo

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