TNT’s ‘Dallas’ season 3 video: Check out the first (holiday-themed) promo

Big news -While this may be the season of giving, for the cast members of “Dallas” the season of greed is always front and center. It’s not much of a stretch for us to sit here and say that these people are not always the model of good behavior, and they’ll be proving it come February 24, when the show comes back on the air.

But before we come to that, why not embrace the latest holiday-themed video straight from TNT themselves? This clip should feel somewhat familiar to what the show has done in the past, namely making music out of various punches, gunshots, slaps on the rear end, and other unseemly actions. But there is at least a tiny bit of scoop in here in that we learn that in the short time that follows J.R. Ewing’s death, there will at least be an illusion of everyone getting along. Unfortunately, that illusion is just not going to last for a particularly long time. By the time the season premiere ends, you can be ready for drama to start raining down from the heavens all over again.

So far, producers have already teased that there are going to be new characters and love interests, but this will probably still feel very much like the same show you’ve seen over the years. Even without Larry Hagman, the tone is not going to shift too far from bad people doing bad things. Occasionally, there will be a character or two worth rooting for, but this is television, and you watch to see people that you would probably loathe in the event that you were to ever meet them in everyday life.

“Dallas” will air its new season in halves, the second part coming in the summer (and hopefully free of most major network competition). Share your thoughts on this new promo below, and we’ll have more scoop from Southfork Ranch and its famous residents soon enough.

Photo: TNT, video via SpoilerTV

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