‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 finale spoilers: Jimmy Smits teases big events, Nero’s next move

Nero -Before we close the book on the “Sons of Anarchy” coverage for tonight, there is still one more important subject to get to: Where Nero stands in all of this. He has been in some ways firmly supplanted into the SAMCRO family thanks to the deal with Jax and his relationship with Gemma, but the revelation of the lie could change that when you have Alvarez seemingly back on the scene.

Let’s start here with the inevitable: It is going to be very hard for Nero to ever fully trust Jax again after this, and that relationship has for sure taken a little bit of a hit. But a more intriguing question is just where this takes his relationship with Gemma? If he can’t trust Jax, can he really be with his mother? Speaking to TV Guide, Jimmy Smits explains how his character will be having to figure out if his feelings for Gemma will get in the way of Nero’s other intentions:

“He’s definitely wrestling with that. It’s no accident that both of them have these scars on their chest that mean much more than just a physical ailment. They fulfill each other, and you’ve seen this very awkward courtship that’s happened between them. They’ve bonded in a lot of ways. So, he’s a smart guy, but sometimes love blurs the lines and makes things a little foggy for the best of us.”

As for a tease for the final episode, Smits offers up something that really feels rather appropriate to the story of this show and all of the jaw-dropping moments that have unfolded so far:

“Everybody’s on rocky ground and the potential for fireworks is combustible. It’s going to play itself out, and it ain’t going to be pretty. Sh– is going to fly somewhere. People get their comeuppance.”

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Photo: FX

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