‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 10 preview: Can Crowley save Jared Padalecki’s Sam?

Sam -Just in case you did not see tonight’s new “Supernatural” episode yet, go find a way to watch it now. If you don’t, the rest of this article is going to be one giant mess of spoilers.

The first thing that we have to remind you of here is that sadly, Kevin’s gone. Gadreel, the real angel inside of Sam, has killed him to satisfy a deal with Metatron to make himself the new #2 in Heaven. Now, in order to save Jared Padalecki’s character from being gone forever, Dean may have to turn to the King of Hell. You may have wondered where Crowley was during “Holy Terror,” but on Tuesday, January 14, he will be back for “Road Trip.” This will be the episode that gives us some answers, but probably not all of them. There is still more story still to tell.

But if Crowley is going to do the deed and lend Dean a helping hand, he wants something in return of course: A one-way ticket straight out of their hideout, and back to doing whatever it is he does. That’s a hard bargain, since a captured Crowley is a very good thing for them. Plus, they seem to already have quite a mess of issues to deal with already. But the truth of the matter here is that Dean may not have another choice but to succumb to the demon’s wishes.

Eventually, there will be some comedy on the show again, and some standalone episodes that bring out that “other side” of the show, but it’s hard to really think about that for the time being, given that we’ve just lost someone pretty integral to the show. While Kevin wasn’t in every episode, he was a big part of the story the past few years, not to mention one of the few resources the Winchesters had.

Click here to see how we graded this entire episode tonight, and we’ll have more reaction to what happened in “Holy Terror” over the coming days.

Photo: The CW

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