‘The Originals’ episode 10 preview: When does the show return, and Joseph Morgan’s next move

Meet Cami -On Tuesday, “The Originals” ended its fall season with a number of shockers. We saw Cami learn the truth about Klaus before forgetting it (and then learning again), and we also found out the truth about the line of werewolves in the swamp. That’s a lot to digest, but you’re not going to have very much time here to breathe. By the start of the winter run on January 14, “crazy” will be tearing through the streets of New Orleans yet again.

Unfortunately, there are not too many details that are going to be shared based on the promo for this next new episode. You can see the witches fighting back, and some warnings to stay away; but unless you want to dissect this promo time and time again, it is hard to really figure out anything concrete. While we may be disappointed int he lack of new footage shown the truth is that there may not really even be that much in the way of footage to show at this point.

What we know that we do want to see from the rest of the season is a continuation of this Klaus / Cami story (since it’s going to be hard for Caroline to turn up), something further with Tyler Lockwood, and also Elijah and Klaus finding something close to understand. Also, the more Elijah / Hayley stories, the better. Anything to get an opportunity to further tell this story! (These two may be the most-shipped couple of the series so far.)

What do you want to see happen on the second half of “The Originals,” and do you want to see the witches reign a little bit of pain and suffering down on Klaus? Share some of your thoughts below, and and click here if you’re intrigued enough to see our review of tonight’s new episode.

Photo: The CW

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