‘The Blacklist’ season 1, episode 10 review: Who is Fitch, did Reddington survive?

The Blacklist -The Blacklist” has been on a thrill ride for most of the season, but on Monday the show managed to take things up another notch. There was not only an exciting “ending” to the Anslo Garrick story, but also the arrival of Fitch.

Who is this man? He is basically the person responsible for hiring Garrick in the first place, and capturing Reddington for the purpose of collecting information. Unfortunately for him, we don’t quite know what he really got out of this (if anything at all).  There was a tense negotiation, and then Reddington killed Garrick using one of his tricks. Now that he has escaped, the focus of the entire show has changed. We’re interested in finding out where Reddington is hiding, and whether or not Liz can find him while also uncovering a certain part of her past.

Speaking of the past, we “learned” something at the end of the episode … Red is not her father. It made total sense for her to ask the question, given that this man is strangely invested in her. Red could be lying, though, and that is something that we’ll have to wait to have some sort of answer to until January when the show returns.

On a different note, we had Tom actually acting like a rational human being for a change rather than the world’s biggest creep. He tried to warn Liz a hundred times over to leave this terrible place, which is what basically everyone would do in this situation. But given that we’re only at episode 10 here, we imagine that this will last for quite a long time still. But, Red also warned her to be cognizant of who this man really is … and that he is still up to not good.

We can’t say enough about how this was a great way to cap off the fall season. “The Blacklist” has secured its place as the best new network show of the season, and while we know that every episode isn’t quite this good or this serialized, we sure wish that it was. Grade: A.

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Photo: NBC

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