‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 9: Castiel, Ezekiel, among our top 5 discussion points

Check it out -Tuesday marks a key episode of “Supernatural,” mostly because this is the one to leave us hanging for a little while before the holiday season whisks us away to a magical land of repeats and syndicated episodes. That can occasionally be a fun place to visit, but it’s far easier to appreciate the “Now” over the “Then.”

So what could we see unfold in next week’s “Holy Terror”? When it comes to the idea of angels waging war on one another, this is the most anxious that we have been since … well, watching the new episode of “The Walking Dead” on Sunday night that featured all of those crazy deaths. (That is all we will say to keep the Internet from calling us the most terrible people ever for spoiling anything for people who didn’t catch the episode yet.) There are a number of directions that the show could go in based on what we have seen so far, and these are just the angles that we’re hoping will be explored.

1. Castiel – Can he finally come back and party with the Winchesters again? We feel so bad for the guy, having to go and work at gas stations and get taken advantage of by women who want him to be the babysitter. This is all probably pretty fun for Misha Collins to play, even if it could just be a montage of Castiel’s worst month ever.

2. Ezekiel – This sort of goes hand-in-hand with Castiel, but can this angel finally leave Sam’s body? Does he have ulterior motives? Is this entire bullet point going to be questions?

3. Crowley – He claims to be playing the long game at the moment … and he is playing the REALLY LONG game. There is no reason to believe that this guy is going to do anything to help Sam and Dean.

4. Abaddon – We mostly just want to see her come on and tear some you-know-what up again. We always find things to be way more fun when there is a psychotic Queen of Hell candidate on the loose.

5. Sam – When he does eventually realize what Ezekiel is doing to him, how is he going to react to Dean? The guy has been lying to the point of being a reality TV supervillain these days, and that’s got to come back to haunt him.

Want to see more “Supernatural” scoop? Then click here for a video preview for this episode! We will of course have a full review up after it airs.

Photo: The CW

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