‘American Horror Story: Coven’ episode 8 preview: See Emma Roberts, Taissa Farmiga’s new ‘look’

The Sacred Talking -Are Madison and Zoe trying to combine the old and the new of the witching world on “American Horror Story: Coven” on Wednesday night? It’s possible … or they are just trying to move around like witch-ninjas.

It has been two weeks since the show aired, and in case you are looking for a refresher, here’s what we can tell you on the story so far. You have Queenie now over with Laveau’s camp for the time being, where LaLaurie is being kept prisoner as a part of her near-eternal punishment for being the most terrible women ever during the 1800s. Meanwhile, Queenie’s fellow students seem to be, like Laveau, suddenly completely preoccupied with finding a way to destroy Fiona “Good” (the most ironic of last names) once and for all after learning the truth about what happened to Madison.

The biggest disappointment in this photo is that Emma Roberts is not going along with Taissa Farmiga’s apparently plan to modernize the witch hat, which is a shame to the supernatural fashion community. (Someone turn Tim Gunn into a vampire so he can criticize this!)

The only ally that Fiona appears to have at the moment is the Axeman, whose real talent appears to be acting extremely creepy and being a stage 5 clinger to Fiona. Without any sort of supernatural powers save for being a dead guy and all, it feels like the witches should be able to handle him. Fiona is the danger, not only because of her skill; she also seems to be a master of getting out of dodge before things get really crazy and someone starts to sniff her out. Luckily, a certain Stevie Nicks-loving witch has managed to revive one of her adversaries potentially, and that is another person on team Anti-Fiona. This should be fun…

Of course, we’re not going to leave you hanging here. Check out this link for more “American Horror Story: Coven” coverage, including a preview for the next new installment.

Photo: FX

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