‘The Amazing Race 23’ finale: What to expect

Take a look -While you may have seen a first preview for “The Amazing Race 23” finale at the end of Sunday night’s new episode, the show did not sadly release the promo online yet. So rather than sharing it here, we thought we would instead provide a little guide for those wondering how the CBS show commonly assembles things for these final two hours of entertainment.

The first thing that you should expect here? Frustrating equalizers. Based on the fact that we have just spent two weeks in Indonesia, the show will venture somewhere new for at least the first hour, and that will include a chance for Afghanimals Leo & Jamal to catch up a little bit after their Detour disaster. Then, there will be a leg of pure racing. There is no U-Turn or anything else to overcome, with the exception of the Speed Bump. These two guys are going to have to hope that someone else either gets lost, or messes up badly, if they want to catch up.

The final hour will likely have another equalizer, just to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field yet again. It will likely head back to America, and feature at least one challenge that features teams collecting stuff based on the entire race that they may or may not have taken notice of. If it’s not like this, then it will be a change from past seasons. This is where teams can get really annoyed and angry, since the race is really on the line here. The final leg is easy when it comes to transportation, and is therefore more just about making sure that you read the clues carefully and prepare yourself for anything.

We’re going to have our full contestant rankings a little later in the week, but this may be the most evenly-matched finale for the show we’ve ever had. Every single team has finished 1st at least once, and most of the time, all of them have been at the front of the pack.

Read our full review of last night’s episode here, and tell us now: Who do you want to see win this season?

Photo: CBS

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