‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 10 review: Did Brody survive the Iran plan?

Homeland -Homeland” has been a little all over the place so far during season 3, and on the new episode Sunday night, we had an installment that really dove deep into almost real-time drama. It was focused, intense, and dramatic. Basically, it felt like the same sort of power that we had during some of the earlier episodes of the show.

But was it really as great as some of the classic interrogations, or the cabin scenes during season 1? We would not go that far, mostly for one simple reason: The enemy is rather faceless. The first two years, we had a defined enemy in Abu Nazir; Javadi is only sort of an enemy now, and the rest of the Iranians in power that the CIA are trying to take on don’t have that same sort of emotional attachment to them. We’re not going to feel that same way this year that we did during the big Abu Nazir chase sequence that took place with Carrie last year.

Most of the intensity instead was focused more on Brody’s attempts to at least execute the first phase of the plan, which was his entry into Iran under asylum status. This was incredible entertainment to watch, especially as you saw various facets of the plan dissolve to the point that it felt like Saul was going to go bury his head in frustration forever. Carrie also tried to come to the rescue, but it was really Brody who took fate into his own hands, and found a way to cheat death for basically the millionth time. We don’t quite know how he does it, but he is able to.

Brody’s survival is integral to the show’s success (for now), but how long can that really last? Things are still not looking good for him. Carrie and Saul are only going to have their work cut out for them trying to figure out an extraction plan for this one.

There was no Brody family in this episode, just as there was no appearance from Saul’s wife or any other supporting characters not associated with the association. In a sense, we were thrilled to have it this way for at least a week, since it will make it more powerful when these people do show up.

But for now, we are at least far more invested in this season than we were before today. This installment kept us on the edge of our seats. Grade: B+.

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