‘Bones’ season 9 spoilers: When will the Ghost Killer arrive?

What's ahead -Earlier this season on “Bones,” there were hints that something more could be coming to the show when it comes to a new Big Bad. These hints have only been amplified courtesy of the show’s producers, who have gone so far as to even give this nefarious foe a name: The Ghost Killer.

But rather than being a man who kills ghosts (which seems pretty impossible in theory, but it’d make for a great show on Syfy), what makes this villain so interesting is that they tend to work almost entirely in the shadows, and are not going to be known by anyone. That makes them much harder to take down in some ways than a man like Pelant, who had a flair for the theatrical at times and liked it to be known to the Jeffersonian that he was public enemy #1.

The upcoming 12th episode in the season is going to be entitled “The Ghost in the Killer,” and if plans unveiled earlier this season hold, you will be getting an opportunity to see this new storyline unfold in early January. We would expect this to be somewhat similar to Pelant in that it’s something that will probably not be addressed in every episode, but instead pop up here and there. The challenge is finding a way to actually challenge and even strike fear in the hearts of Booth and Brennan, since these two are at this point people who don’t become very afraid of much these days.

For those of you who are bona fide episode-title fanatics, we can also share with you that the upcoming 14th episode of the season is entitled “The Master in the Slop,” which we are assuming is probably not going to be the “Big Brother” tribute episode that we are dreaming for it to be. (Seriously, could you imagine Brennan on a reality show?)

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