MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3, episode 18 preview: Another Jenna – Matty tease

The latest -Just how crazy are things going to become between Jenna and Matty on “Awkward” season 3 come Sunday night? There are a few different ways to look at it. From one standpoint, we’ve got some signs of hope that the two could be on the road to getting together again. After all, Matty did invite her to a big party that he was throwing, and that was a sign that even still, he was willing to overlook so many of those terrible / extremely questionable things that she did to him.

But is everything at this party as great as it seems? Well, it may not be time for Jenna to start playing herself some happy love songs just yet. In the new (but tragically short) new promo below, you can see Matty kissing someone else. What gives? Well, it’s clearly a little something known as him being able to do whatever he wants. It’s not like he has any obligation to be with Jenna, and nor should he at this point.

But even with saying this, we’re still pretty sure that she is not going to take this very well at all. She may not show it, but she has to be feeling the devastation now that she has made herself aware of all of her true emotions again. She wants to get her friends and her old life back, but for the time being, is really not sure of how. Given that there are only two more episodes left in the season, the simple assumption to make here is that she is going to have to figure this out pretty quickly. Otherwise, you better assume that either Jenna will start off season 4 miserable, or that we’ll just spend the entire offseason feeling reasonably unfulfilled.

What do you want to see happen on the “Awkward” finale? Share below! Meanwhile, click here if you’re interested in checking out another promo video for the episode.

Photo: MTV

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