‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 10 preview: What does Quinn find out about Carrie?

See Carrie -It’s not often that you have a “Homeland” sneak peek that legitimately gives something major away about the story, but the one below from Sunday night’s new episode does that and then some.

The major question that this clip looks to answer is (major spoiler alert!) very simple: Who knows that Carrie Mathison is over three months pregnant with Brody’s child? The answer reveals itself to be none other than fellow agent Peter Quinn. We could sit here and debate the ethics of Peter looking at Carrie’s medical records, but the ultimate truth of the matter here is that he did. He knows something that Carrie clearly did not want anyone else to know, and she has to figure out moving forward how she is going to deal with this.

Is Quinn going to tell anyone else? This has to be running through her head on some level. Another issue here is whether or not Quinn is going to let her continue with the mission or stand in her way. He personally believes that she should sit this one out, mostly because she is far too close to the man and is therefore emotionally corrupted. The base translation here is that he believes that the baby is Brody’s … which Carrie denies.

For the record, it seems obvious that Carrie is lying here, but there’s no way for Quinn to know that. If the child was anyone else other than Brody’s, she would not be wrestling with the various wrinkles that go along with this. Plus, we doubt that the writers would pull yet another huge stunt on us like they did earlier this season, and have another possible dad pop up out of nowhere.

What do you think is going to spawn out of this revelation? Of course, we welcome all of your theories on the subject below. Meanwhile, click here if you want to watch another sneak peek, with this one focusing on Nicholas Brody preparing for what could be the fight of his life.

Photo: Showtime

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