‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 9 spoilers: What is Lisbon up to (at first) in ‘My Blue Heaven’

Lisbon -In just one more day, you will have an opportunity to check out “My Blue Heaven,” which you may as well refer to as the second pilot for “The Mentalist” season 6. By the time that this story comes to a close, you should have a better idea of just what Patrick Jane is going to be doing with the FBI and his life; not only that, but we may get a chance to learn more about what he and Lisbon’s relationship will be like moving forward.

But where is Lisbon when the show picks back up? Working, but in a very different sort of job than with the CBI. As TVLine notes, she will be serving as the police chief for a small Washington town, which is hardly the sort of high-profile job that she was used to at one point in her police career. When she is not sitting down at her desk, she is probably otherwise falling asleep. It’s fair to say that she is not going to be getting too much insanity here in comparison to with Jane and the CBI.

But will this change? In time yes, based on the photos that are out there already for the December 8 episode “Green Thumb.” Something is going to cause her to pair up with Jane again, and the question to ask yourself right now is just what that something is going to be. Is there a new case for them? What we can say for now is that FBI man Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar) is going to find himself in a unique position where Jane could be valuable to him and his team, and in turn, Jane may ask to have his old partner back rather than work with someone new. But even if all of this is true, where does new character Kim Fischer fit into all this? Emily Swallow is a series regular now, and that is something that is definitely worth pondering.

Just in case you want to do less pondering and more watching, just click here. That’s where you can see a preview for Sunday’s episode that is more or less a “when Jane met Fischer” moment.

Photo: CBS

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