‘Glee’ season 5, episode 8 preview: See Lea Michele, Naya Rivera as elves (and more)

Christmas -Now that we are through with “Glee’s” Thursday night episode “Puppet Master,” we can flash-forward to what is one of the strangest productions that Fox has ever put on the show: “Previously Unaired Christmas.” Despite a ploy for record sales, there is no reason to flash back to a time when Finn was still alive. It’s going to be very hard to make this work chronologically, especially when there was already a Christmas special that aired on Fox last season.

Probably the strangest thing is that for those who aren’t reading online and understanding how this is being structured, it probably feels very odd to see the promo below and thinking that there is a Christmas special at a time when the show is actually taking place in the middle of spring. But as we’ve mentioned and the synopsis below highlights, this is apparently something that was locked away last Christmas, and was never thought to see the light of day until now:

“Sue Sylvester introduces the episode as a Christmas special that FOX did not allow to air from last year. The members of New Directions audition for roles in McKinley’s living Nativity Scene. Meanwhile in New York, Rachel, Kurt and Santana work as Santa’s elves at a mall.”

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this episode, and the past couple as well, is merely that it does not allow very much in the way of opportunities to actually see the show move forward. While we know that Blaine and Sam are preparing for the future, nothing is confirmed yet. We’ve also not had an update when it comes to what’s going on with Nationals, and for whatever reason NYADA is now just some sort of ghostly venue that we never get a chance to see … even though there is so much great stuff that could have been shown there had “Glee” opted to go in that direction.

What do you think about what “Glee” is doing next week, and are you actually more excited to watch than we are? Share below, and click here to read our full review of “Puppet Master.”

Photo: Fox

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