‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 9 video: Patrick Jane meets Emily Swallow’s Kim Fischer

Emily Swallow -Are you ready to take a first look at Patrick Jane’s new chapter? That is what the new sneak peek below from Sunday night’s “The Mentalist” episode is really all about: Giving you an opportunity to see at least a part of Patrick Jane’s new life.

The first thing that we have to say here is that obviously, Jane has gotten as far away as humanly possible from his life at the CBI. His new occupation, judging from the new sneak peek below, now seems to be beach bum. He hangs out at a shack by the ocean, relaxes, and seems to be pretty content now that the weight of Red John is off of his shoulders. Not only that, but he seems to be interested in getting back into the dating pool again. When Kim Fischer (new series regular Emily Swallow) arrives on the scene for the first time, he tries to get her attention … but he quickly realizes soon after that she is preoccupied trying to read a book.

There is still something of value that comes out of this preview, at least save for seeing Simon Baker’s character in this new locale: We learn that before this meeting, he and Kim do not have any sort of obvious past connection to each other. That helps to eliminate one possibility that she is someone important from his past, or at least one that he knows about. (She could still be, but he may not remember her.)

But we have to imagine that it is no coincidence that she shows up and is reading in a position where Patrick could talk to her, though she may be playing more of the long game here with him. There is going to be something that eventually does throw him on a course collision with his former team, and that will propel the story for the rest of the season. So those of you who are Jane / Lisbon shippers, don’t view this video as an enormous negative; these two do still have a chance to be together in the end.

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Photo: CBS

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