Black Friday commercials: Melissa McCarthy promotes Old Navy with game show spot

Mike & Molly -There are not many times of the year when commercials start to become news, but one of those said times is Black Friday. It is the biggest shopping day of the year for many, and for others, it’s otherwise known as that one day a year when you pretty much do anything in your power to stay inside in fear of being trampled over by a desperate man hoping to get his son an Xbox One. (We’re kidding, no one’s going to be trampled over an Xbox One… now the Playstation 4 is a different story).

In the video below, you can see one instance of a company trying to use star power to get the word out for Old Navy’s giveaway for the big day, and it stars none other than “Mike & Molly” / “Bridesmaids” superstar Melissa McCarthy as a game show contestant who thinks that she is on her way to getting some sweet prices, only to later realize that she was playing for towels the whole time.

The clear negative of this ad is that the transition from towels into Old Navy products is somewhat weak, but that has always been the problem with this company’s ads: They are a little bit random, and you typically either love them, or want to claw your eyes out after seeing them. We are enjoying this ad, but we could be inclined to hate in a few days’ time if it gets played over and over again during major network football games or other festivities.

McCarthy has seen her stock rise to an almost meteoric level over the course of the past several years. She’s done “Saturday Night Live” on two occasions now, and she has shown herself to be a big box-office draw in between “The Heat” and also “Identity Thief.”

What do you think about this ad? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and click here if you want to see some other highlights that come to us from the world of Black Friday TV spots.

Photo: CBS

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