‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5 spoilers: Ian Somerhalder’s Damon and another memory

Damon -The Vampire Diaries” may not have too much left in the tank for the fall season, but there are going to be some more stories ahead for a certain Salvatore brother that are interesting … and also intense. By the time the midseason finale is over, let’s just say that what Damon goes through at the hands of Dr. Maxfield could be pretty intense.

The great side of the flashbacks related to Ian Somerhalder’s character is that you get an opportunity to see him don a costume that feels straight out of the 1950s. However, the other side of the coin here, per TV Guide, is that Damon’s circumstances are going to push forward the memory of a Salvatore … and somebody that we have not seen on the show in quite a long time.

But how long are we really going to see this particular story go on for? It will at least make its presence felt for a little while, much in the same way that we have seen a few others last the test of time. What we just hope is that even if it doesn’t end up staying put, it will lead into something else that is exciting and interesting. For Ian, at least this is something that not only exposes a part of his past, but it’s somewhat independent from both Elena and Stefan. Too often this season he’s been more of an accessory to one of the other characters, and he has not had enough time in the spotlight.

Does all of this sound exciting? We certainly hope so, given that we are already pretty stoked for the rest of season 5. There is no new episode airing tomorrow night because of Thanksgiving, but the show will return to The CW the following week with another new episode. Just in case you absolutely cannot wait to see some more news all about it, click here to watch the first promo.

Photo: The CW

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