‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ review: Did Tyson Apostol or Hayden Moss make a big move?

Meet Tyson -This is the point of every “Survivor” season when things start to get interesting, mostly becaue you are quick to realize that after a few easy votes, there are people clearly on the top and the bottom of an alliance. Those on the bottom have to figure out a way to stay on the top, while those on the top better be thinking of a way to adequately do damage control.

For Tyson Apostol, the man did a pretty brilliant job of reading a situation the moment that he realized that Hayden, Caleb, and Katie were all potentially gunning for him: He befriended the person that he was worried about in Ciera, who could not serve as an ally for a little while. Strangely, Ciera turned on the very people she spent most of the game with, if for no reason than that she feels like she has a better shot against Tyson in the end. She may be right, given that Caleb and Hayden are nice dudes, but it’s still surprising.

The only move more surprising than siding with Tyson? Ciera sitting out of the immunity challenge with both Tyson and Gervase. This was her basically saying that she’s with them, and that she feels safe. We don’t really have any problem with Tyosn sitting, given that is his personality and he feels confident. But Ciera? A little more surprising. We’d like to shake our finger at all of them, but who knows what we would be like in this situation? You’re tired and your hungry.

While there was nothing altogether insane about the strategy this episode, it was at least interesting to see how Hayden and Caleb tried to backpedal and save themselves. This was the ultimate “he said, she said,” and we like to imagine that what really happened is that Hayden started this conversation with Tyson before the immunity challenge. That would make more sense for his game than it happening as a last-ditch move of desperation. This was all about in the end who to trust. We would have just went ahead and gone after Caleb in this situation, mostly because he’s clearly with Hayden and Ciera’s a little more of a free agent.

The tribal council was great mostly in its subtlety. and almost like old-school “Survivor.” There wasn’t much talk of intimidation or giant characters fighting for screen time.. Since nobody else knew about Tyson’s idol, this was all really just about trust and shifting alliances rather than wondering if he would play it. Great drama, and a great blindside. We really didn’t think that Tyson would go through with booting Caleb, but he and Gervase made a big move. It was in the end a mistake to play the immunity idol, but we understand the move. This is a guy who was blindsided back in “Survivor: Tocantins,” and he needed to cover himself.

Over at Redemption Island, we had probably the most frustrating thing ever. Laura basically carried Tina through the duel, and caused Vytas to lose. We really feel for the guy; he was a great character, but this is what happens when you are a threat. Plus, we imagine that a mom relates more with another mom, and wants to keep her around. Totally annoying, but at the same time, more great television. Grade: A-.

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