‘Downton Abbey’ season 5: Michelle Dockery on fan reaction to past two seasons

Take a look -What is going to happen on “Downton Abbey” moving into season 5? Well, you may get an opportunity to finally see Lady Mary move forward from her pretty depressed state. She was starting to find her own initiative and drive during the end of season 4, after she (spoiler alert!) received a proposal from Lord Anthony Gillingham. She also has another man interested in her in Charles Blake, though she has not shown too much interest in that regard.

But what has the reaction like for the role, at least from Michelle Dockery’s standpoint? In a new interview with The Guardian, the actress explained that she has actually received some cards of bereavement of people after losing Matthew at the end of season 4:

“People will consider me a part of their lives for however long Downton Abbey lasts … It’s a lovely thing to feel as an actor. I get a delivery of letters about once a month. I even had bereavement cards after the last series.”

Obviously, we imagine that there could be some pretty severe drawbacks that come from people being this intimately involved in hour life, with one of the major problems with it simply being that the show could end up bringing you attention when you don’t want some. However, most of these stars seemed to have either found a way to deal with random photo requests and attention from strangers, or they have just managed to stay away from situations where it would happen. The funny thing now is that there is almost not an escape for them in America at all anymore, given that the show is just about as popular there as it is in Great Britain. The only real difference is that a greater percentage of people in Britain watch it.

“Downton Abbey” season 5 will start filming next year, presumably for another September launch on ITV. Meanwhile, the Christmas special is still to air, and the show will premiere for Americans on PBS January 6. Click here if you want to see just who could see their story end after season 5.

Photo: ITV

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