MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3, episode 18 preview: Hope for Jenna and Matty?

The latest -For those of you who have understandably felt like the second half of  “Awkward” season 3 so far has been light when it comes to the Jenna / Matty storylines, here’s some good news coming your way: There are finally going to be some on the new episode airing on MTV next week. Also, this is some more proof that Matty may very well be one of the nicest people to ever walk the face of the earth.

Despite being subjected to watched Jenna fall apart, the guy still has a certain level of devotion to her that is in some ways admirable, and in other ways crazy. He makes the move to throw a party, make sure that she is invited, and then tries to talk to her in order to “see how she is doing.” Just to sweeten the deal, Matty has broken things off with his new girlfriend, mostly because she was convinced that he still had feelings for his ex.

There is of course that selfish part of us that wants to see the picture above happily restored … but the problem is that neither one of these couples is together for the time being. While we do think that Jake and Tamara could settle things and get back together pretty quickly (given the nature of their argument), Matty and Jenna’s trouble goes a little bit deeper. He’s going to look rather weak if he takes her back almost with no questions asked, while she has to realize that there are some things that they need to talk together and work through. While she does finally seem to be out of Collin’s clutches, shouldn’t she try to rediscover who she really is before making a move to start dating someone else? This is the time for her to try to reassemble a little bit of her identity after falling down into the pits of teenage hell.

Read our full review of last night’s episode here to see how Jenna started to really turn things around; we’ll have some more “Awkward”-related news soon!

Photo: MTV

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